Introductions & Chloe's Birthday

First of all I want too start this post by introducing you too my stunning friend Liana.

Shes a wee babe, we get on so well and have become very close in the small space of 3months of working together. I am greatful to have her in my life. It's kind of funny because  we are starting too sync with eachother, you know what they say though.. great minds think alike!
Were even the same height! Lovvit!

Yesturday was that hottie I'm ALWAYS talking about on here, Chloe's 19th Birthday!

Afer I got home from work yesturday I painted Chloe's nails, curled her hair and did her make-up to pamper her up for her special day of birth.
I also made her the prettiest pink cake which BTW tasted AMAZING. Nom, Nom!!

We were all painted up with OPI's amazing shutter nail polish which I am currently in love with. (Liana- Purple, Chloe- Peppermint, Me- Gold). Looks great with all these colours!

I did Liana's make-up and hair also that night, so all 3 of us ended up with gold- smokey, shimmery make-up, long curled hair and black dresses!
Looking alike is all part of the fun dressing up for birthdays I think!
Triplets.. Minus the fact that Chloe stole our share of the height. LOL

It was alot of fun getting ready and having a blast with my two beautiful friends for Chloe's celebrations.
I love them both very much! My wee babes 19 now YAY!

P.S. What do you think of our mustaches??

Yep, fully grew them ourselves.. LOL
Great night with great people.
Happy Birthday Chloe Boo


  1. You nails look GREAT!!! Looks like you guys had fun yaaay

  2. Looks like so much fun, and you girls look gorgeous!! Great work on dressing them up :) and you and your friend are so cute haha the same height!! xx


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